BMI For Adults

You’re an ideal candidate for treatments at LipoLaser of San Antonio  if:

  1. You have a Body Mass Index between 22 and 35.
  2. You lead a healthy lifestyle but have hit a plateau in your slimming efforts.
  3. You’re ready to adopt and commit to a healthy lifestyle to kick-start your slimming efforts.
  4. You understand that this non-invasive fat-loss procedures will amplify your slimming efforts.

At the time of your FREE Initial Consultation we can help you design a program to optimize your results. Our wellness team of consultants is committed to YOUR success. And although strict diets are not necessary, we will recommend a program based on Four Vital Components –


  1. Detoxification
  2. LipoLaser
  3. Nutrition
  4. Exercise including Whole Body Vibration

Our mission is to show you how a healthy lifestyle of eating sensibly, staying hydrated, daily exercise, eliminating alcohol and minimizing caffeine will dramatically improve your results and allow you to maintain your losses :)

Bmi -table