What is Included?


  1. WHOLE BODY VIBRATION – Improves circulation, contours the body, removes lactic acid, aids lymphatic drainage, and reduces fat cells.  enhances with Lymphatic Drainage. Creating free lymphatic circulation throughout the body is a vital part of any healing process. When the body becomes overloaded with trapped toxins, pollutants, viruses, bacteria and other waste materials, these accumulate in the lymphatics. Once blockages are broken up, dry brushing and gentle massage moves the waste material along so it can be eliminated. A detoxified body has the power, resistance and potential for healing.
  2. LIPOSSAGE WITH CUPPING – Involves precise and targeted application of the negative pressure technique in the treatment of cellulite manually, and with much less discomfort than with mechanical rollers and without possible deleterious effects of some chemicals .Light pressure provides drainage, while the heavier applications can be used to stimulate circulation and loosen the connective tissues or orange peel appearance.
  3. HYDRATING SPOT WRAP – The affected areas are treated prior to your  wrap, to enhance the absorption and effectiveness of the specially formulated topical agent used for your SPOT WRAP.Because the circulation has already been stimulated and blood flow brought to the surface, a more comfortable and effective wrap is possible.INFRARED SAUNA – Clients also enjoy the warm feeling of cupped, stimulated tissue being painted with soothing herbal product before being cocooned and further pampered in our INFRARED SAUNA for increased penetration and total relaxation.

- Focused massage with cupping for your problem area has yielded amazing results when combined with a simple Hydrating Spot Body Wrap.

- Adding massage cupping into any topical body treatment not only enhances absorption of applied products, but assists in the drainage of stagnant fluids.

- Applied over a series, these treatments has been proving to be extraordinarily effective in dealing with the deleterious effects of our current busy lifestyles, such as cellulite and weight reduction, detoxification, relaxation, and much more.

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